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Do you love coffee? No, I mean do you really love coffee? Are you one of those guys who are even tempted to bring their coffee in parties? The truth is most guys do not care much about coffee. The reality is there are a few things that separate a good coffee from a great coffee. Let us break it down and notice the differences.


You need a good coffee machine. The coffee machine should be able to heat up the water up to 200 degrees. Most common coffee machines do not heat up the water that high. This is why most home coffees are terrible. It is essential for the water to get hot enough to make a great cup of coffee. Therefore, it will require you to dig deeper into your pocket to get a quality coffee maker. 


For a great cup of coffee, it is advisable to use distilled water. If you love coffee, then you know that chlorinated water is not the best water to use when making coffee. The water is required to undergo filtration. The filtration process will filter out all the chlorine and other impurities in the water. Some people also use bottled water. It is your choose on what to use so click here now. 


Make sure you grind the coffee beans just before making coffee. Remember, if you want to make a great cup of coffee, do not mix different beans. What does this mean? It simply means if you are using fresh beans. Do not mix the fresh beans with beans from a week or month ago. If you mix the two, it will not give you a great cup of coffee. Therefore, do be lazy. Grind the beans just before you make your cup of coffee. This is very beneficial.


Finally, clean your coffee machine as often as possible. If you do not clean your machine regularly, the coffee will start tasting funny. This is because there are some deposits of the beans that are stuck in the machine and carafe. It is, therefore, paramount to clean the coffee maker and carafe after every use. Some manufacturers will advise you to run white vinegar through the machine now and then. You can do this at least once in a month. 


These simple recommendations are essential in making a great cup of coffee. If you assume one step, you will fail in your attempt at getting a great cup of coffee. If you are obsessed with coffee, and you want to make a great cup of coffee from the comfort of your home, adhere to the simple recommendations.


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